Who we are

We are a Czech construction company engaged primarily in the finalization of interiors, commercial and residential buildings (fitouts, retail, complete reconstruction and reconstruction of houses, housing units, loft conversions and more).

Values we stand for.

More about Decorative surfaces

In our work, we use products from Ardex, Domus Aurea and Decor Italia and colour from Morrys.

Aqua: Screeds suitable for wet spaces with stable-temperature (such as bathrooms or swimming pools).

Interior: Decorative screeds for all types of interiors suitable for a variety of surface materials (glass, plaster and ceramics).

Exterior: weather-resistant, walkable and facade screeds.

High-resistance: Screeds perfectly resistant to various conditions (pressure, temperature or salt).

Natural: Chemically safe screeds suitable for food industry resp. catering or cooking facilities.


Recent projects

For more details about our projects see our reference list.

Latest achievements

Latest achievement

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