MRM prostor

Interior design

Total project solutions from making a study up to the completion of project documentation.

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Interior construction

We offer a total solution for your interior starting from the price offer up to the delivery of building activities including relevant technologies. Our scope includes both commercial (business) and residential spaces.

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Interior furnishing

We will deliver a tailor-made equipment for your interior i.e. reception, kitchenette, built-in cabinets, wall cladding, furniture including products from renowned furniture makers.

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Decorative surfaces

We use products from Ardex, Domus Aurea and Decor Italia and colour from Morrys.
Aqua: Screeds suitable for wet spaces with stable-temperature.
Interior: Decorative screeds for all types of interiors suitable for a variety of surface materials.
Exterior: weather-resistant, walkable and facade screeds.
High-resistance: Screeds perfectly resistant to various conditions.
Natural: Chemically safe screeds suitable for food industry resp. catering or cooking facilities.

Dekorativní povrchy

Unique acoustic soffits

Unique acoustic soffits
We are amongst a few local suppliers and mounters of the acoustic soffit Rockfon® Mono® Acoustic, which has some extremely unique abilities.

It is a monolithic surface which:

- perfectly absorbs sounds

- is highly resistant to fire

- reflects light in an evenly across the room (thus lowers the need for artificial lighting)

Smart glasses and foils

SmartGlass is a special type of glass with applied foil, which allows you to completely make the glass completely opaque with one click. A smart solution for all-glass meeting rooms where you want to have privacy under control.

SmartFilms is a self-adhesive foil that can be retrofitted to ready-made glazed structures and you can control privacy wherever the circumstances work. The foil works on the principle of electric current flow, so it also darkens with one ON / OFF click.