Private house Chýně




Březová 697, Chýně


Private house


319 m2

Private house Chýně

What was our task?

To rebuild a private family house in Chýně in such a way that it provides a young
family with comfortable and spacious living in accordance with modern trends.

How did we deal with it?

We are not afraid of significant changes

The overall appearance of the reconstruction of the house came from the design of our architects. Its facade and outdoor spaces are also our work. We significantly interfered with the original interior, mainly by demolishing old and building new partitions. We built a new fully-fledged habitable floor from the ground, added a new bedroom including an adjacent bathroom and toilet. We also installed new floors. A designerly refined and fully functional element that we are proud of is the spectacular cantilevered staircase connecting the living room with the newly built floor.

We overcome challenges

Two metal interior staircases, which we had to deal with, became a big challenge for us during the reconstruction. The client also wanted a distinctive copper trowel, which dominates the kitchen, bedroom and hallway with its expressiveness. Of course, we respected his request and incorporated it into our proposal.

Perfectly harmonized interior

Although we did not change the acoustics of the rooms, we did not add greenery to them, and we did not deal with the delivery and installation of new technical solutions, we managed to harmonize the interior into a perfectly harmonious whole. Atypical furniture originating entirely from our workshop became a prominent element in it. It includes not only the equipment of the children's room and the study, the kitchen in the attic and the yoga room, but also storage cabinets, a dressing room and free-standing furniture including a dining table with chairs, beds and bedside tables.


This was our first cooperation with the owner of the house, so we are very pleased with the trust he has shown us. We are proud that we have successfully managed to create a custom-made home for a young family with a child.