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Pobřežní 620/3, 186 00 Praha 8


Webglobe, a.s.,




What was our team tasked with?

Implementation of the reconstruction of new office premises in Prague 8 for the company Webglobe.

How did we handle it?

Proposal “at a distance”

The special challenge of implementing new office spaces for Webglobe, a web hosting company, was to design together with architects from KENDU s.r.o. ideal space to measure. However, all proposal preparation took place so-called remotely – proposals and samples were sent by post, and we had to face complex coordination.

Space for flexible working hours

The client was moving to new premises from significantly larger offices. The reason for the move was the transition to flexible working hours, and this also became one of the challenges we had to think about during implementation. No workplace in the offices was permanent and had to be prepared for sharing among several people. The solution was, for example, a large amount of storage space or filing shelves along the entire wall.

From floor to ceiling

In order to fulfill the client’s expectations, it was necessary to proceed with an extensive reconstruction. The existing layout of the office was changed only minimally with regard to the already built-in technologies, but the floors, which were provided with a new covering, underwent major changes. Together with the floors, we proceeded to modify the ceiling, which we provided with new suspended ceilings. We didn’t forget the acoustics either, which we improved with new acoustic panels directly above the workplaces.


When implementing the new offices for the Webglobe company, we managed to get the most out of a small space. We were able to create cozy offices that respect the modern concept of shared workspaces and flexible working hours for employees.