Budova Polygone House, Doudlebská 1699/5, Praha 4


Atos Czech Republic s.r.o


150 m2


What was our team tasked with?

Expansion of the interior of the ATOS company with new premises in the Polygon House building in Prague 4.

How did we handle it?

Reconstruction in full operation

For the company ATOS, the European leader in the field of cyber security, we implemented the extension of the existing offices with new premises located in close proximity. This reconstruction was all the more complicated because it took place in full operation, so work continued in the original offices even during our reconstruction. For us, this meant increased consideration during construction work and the necessity to preserve all the functionality of the original space.

An atypical kitchen

In order for the new space to seamlessly connect with the original offices, but still not affect the capacity of the existing facilities, it was also necessary to supply a new kitchen unit with all equipment. After consultation with the client and the authors of the design, the Colliers company, we chose an atypically designed line and storage cabinets from our joiners’ workshop. New elements were, for example, a new acoustic lamella wall for the meeting room or an acoustic design ceiling.

Distinctive wallpapers in the client’s colors

In order to preserve the client’s identity, we installed not only a new reception desk with the company logo, but also a distinctive blue wallpaper on the wall of the entrance reception. Furthermore, we placed unusually distinctive wallpaper in the newly created meeting room, which we supplemented with the already mentioned acoustic wooden slatted wall, a designer ceiling and glass partitions.


Our goal was to expand the original space with new offices with a kitchen and a meeting room in order to maintain a smooth operation, which we succeeded with the help of the client. The new premises reflect the client’s corporate culture and have a modern, professional, yet very lively feel.