Czech Mint – branch Havelská


3 – 4 měsíce


Havelská 503/19, 110 00 Praha – Praha 1


Česká mincovna



Czech mint Havelská (5th branch)

What was our team tasked with?

Design and realization of the interior reconstruction of the stone branch of the Czech Mint in Havelská Street in Prague 1.

How did we handle it?

Czech Mint and MRM

We confirmed our long-term cooperation with the Česká mincovna companies with the fifth brick-and-mortar branch. Thanks to our work on previous stores, we were able to start from an already designed sales concept, thanks to which all branches of the Czech Mint connect similar visual elements. When designing the interior layout of the shop in Havelská street, we could thus bet on certainty.

The client’s corporate culture

A key element of all stores are custom-designed and manufactured display cases in which our client displays the offered coins, and their representative appearance is thus key to all branches. Not only the showcases, but also other pieces of furniture and accessories are tuned to darker shades, thanks to which the silver and gold shine of the artefacts for sale stand out. Illuminated logos, branded stickers and posters are a matter of course.

Safety first

Due to the nature of the goods offered, it is always important for us to ensure the maximum security of the entire sale. Related to this are the required adjustments to showcases and other pieces of furniture, as well as the inclusion of security safes in the sale. Thanks to our long-term cooperation with the Czech Mint, we can solve everything directly with the supplier of safes, so we can be sure that all safety rules are followed.


We greatly value our long-term cooperation with the Czech Mint, when the implementation of the branch on Havelská street was already our fifth joint undertaking. Thanks to the fact that we have the opportunity to work not only on implementation, but also on interior designs, all stores have a unified design that reflects the client’s corporate culture.