Fitness Botanique inspired by nature




Sokolovská 11, Praha 8


Fitness pro hotel Botanique


70 m2

Fitness Botanique inspired by nature

What was our team tasked with?

To refurbish the fitness studio space including the installation of a new floor for fitness purposes.

How did we do?

Reconstruction of the flooring

The design of the fitness studio project at Hotel Botanique was taken under the wing of studio Olgoj Chorchoj. The client subsequently approached us to carry out the project. This was a continuation of our previous collaboration where we renovated 75 rooms in the hotel. In the fitness area we carried out structural modifications, installed electrical wiring and modified the existing technological wiring. We laid new vinyl flooring for fitness purposes, added light fixtures and anchored new doors.

Background for fitness visitors

Fitness visitors can use the studio facilities in all respects. For their maximum comfort, we have fitted the fitness studio with sanitary facilities and added small equipment. Fitness enthusiasts have plenty of privacy, while Heradesign acoustic tiles soundproof the space from the rest of the hotel.

A spacious fitness room with no distractions

When building the fitness studio, the existing space needed to be adapted. We were responsible for adapting the original condition. This created sufficient space to accommodate the fitness machines and mirrored walls. We did not encounter any major obstacles during the design process.

Cozy hotel fitness

Hotel Botanique is an environmentally minded hotel that draws inspiration from nature. The fitness studio is also in this spirit. At first glance, it impresses with its natural materials and colours, ample lighting and simple elements. The atmosphere of the fitness studio corresponds sensitively with the new redesign of the hotel.


We are proud of the fact that in 2 months we have created a pleasant place for sports activities for hotel guests in a relatively small space.