Czech Mint – the Jablonec nad Nisou branch




Mírové náměstí 15, Jablonec nad Nisou


Česká mincovna


70 m2

Czech Mint – the Jablonec nad Nisou branch

What was our main task?

After winning the design competition for the new look of all of the branches of Czech Mint and constructing the pilot branch in Bratislava, we now had to build the first new Czech branch in Jablonec nad Nisou.

How did we deal with it?

From demolition to a brand-new branch

The previous space of the old branch had to be rebuilt top to bottom. Our first task was to demolish everything, including the old partitions. Instead of them we then installed new safety partitions according to the new space plan of the branch. We also added a doubled floor, new electrical wiring and special acoustic soffits from the company Hunter Douglas. At the very end of the project we also installed a high-quality safety system, along with CCTV.

The goods need to be well taken care of

The products of Czech Mint are unique and need to be stored and presented to the customers in the right way. That is why we designed up to spec carpentry elements, which were then created by the company Skala systém. The other parts of the furbishing were chosen from the offerings of the Lithuanian furniture expert Narbutas. We are one of the few licensed distributors of Narbutas products in Czechia. Besides the Narbutas products we also delivered furniture from the company Profim.

The elegance in simplicity

The overall look of the store is minimalistic and luxurious at the same time, similarly to the actual products of Czech Mint. The main visual element here is the imitation of concrete. It is a pattern visible on the vinyl floor as well as on the walls, thanks to our special decorative surface MRM monolito. The store feels modern and pleasant both for the employees and the customers.

Modern technologies that do not damage the historical parts

The biggest obstacle for us were the demands of the preservation office. We had to keep the original tiling on the floor untouched. This presented us with a problem – how are we going to be able to lay all of the important wiring that needs to connect to the display cases? We came up with a Solomon-like solution in the form of a heightened floor that was freely put on top of a rubber acoustic layer on special stand legs.


Another branch of Czech Mint done – this one had the same success with the management as the previous one in Bratislava (and the winning design we presented in the competition). All of the upcoming branches will be made in the same style and according to the victorious blueprint.