Czech Mint – Na Příkopech branch




24 Na Příkopech street,


Česká Mincovna a.s.


263 m2

Česká mincovna – pobočka Na Příkopech, Praha

What was our task?

To realize the transformation of another branch of the Česká mincovna into a new visual,
which MRM stavební servis is the author of.

How did we do?

The fifth branch of the Česká mincovna

In the arcade of the Czech National Bank, we continued the four previous realizations of the Česká mincovna outlets. In this case, however, the original layout was significantly redesigned. The original partitions were completely demolished and the existing ones were built in new positions. The complete reconstruction of the shop entailed a number of tasks, including the dismantling of furniture. We took care of the aforementioned SDK partitions, new wiring, modern lighting, practical vinyl flooring and decorative squeegees that can catch the eye at first glance.

Atypical furniture includes

The Česká mincovna's assortment, which includes investment gold, silver, platinum, commemorative and collectible coins and medals, calls for adequate presentation and a representative environment. A suitable impression is created not only by a precisely chosen combination of materials and colours, but also by our supply of atypical and standard furniture. All atypical furniture is designed and manufactured by us.

Acoustics are important

One of the often underestimated aspects of retail stores is acoustics. There should be no noise in the sales area that can disturb customers when making a purchasing decision. That's why we decided to focus on acoustics and address the store's ceiling with the HeartFelt® acoustic slatted ceiling from Hunter Douglas. This contributes to a comfortable atmosphere and is an aesthetically pleasing solution. The slats themselves are manufactured from non-woven thermoformed textile fibres. The result is a natural soft-feeling surface.

We keep the terms

In the case of this implementation, the deadline was a challenge as we had to meet the reopening of the shop. The work took place over the Christmas holidays, but of course we managed to get everything done without any complications and the new store was up and running in just six weeks.


This is the implementation of the fifth shop of the Česká mincovna and we are very pleased that we had the opportunity to take the design of the shop to the next level, which pleases not only customers but also the employees themselves.