Avenir E, Radlická 751/113e, Nové Butovice




550 m2


What was our team tasked with? 

To execute a complete and very refined fit out for QProperty, a company that manages apartments and buildings throughout the Czech Republic. 

How did we handle it? 

Elegance squared

QProperty is a full-service property management company. So it’s only natural that the company’s newly built headquarters should look presentable and very elegant. However, the reality exceeds all expectations. Based on the design of the studio šenkýř.architekti we realized a complete building fit out. This resulted in an elegant monochromatic interior with black paint and a number of very interesting elements that cannot be overlooked.

The entrance, which really represents

First impressions are very important not only when meeting people, but also when visiting offices. When you enter QProperty, expect a real cut above the rest. The luxurious reception desk in a combination of stone tiling and brass along with extravagant brass light fittings makes a great impression. However, other parts of the office don’t disappoint either, linking stylishly to the entrance area. In the meeting rooms and the practical kitchen, you can notice the tasteful veneered tiles. Even the kitchen unit with its island is veneered.

A high-demand work environment

Quality of workmanship and practicality must go hand in hand with sophisticated design. As part of the complete building fit out, we implemented SDK and glass partitions or floor coverings. Downstream technology adjustments were also our responsibility. Although the construction and many of the more substantial building fit outs were carried out without a design, we did not encounter any major complications due to our experience and diligence. In addition, we installed padded tiles and benches in 2 phone boxes for better acoustics.


The result of our first ever collaboration with the client is an extremely elegant interior with a very presentable entrance. The luxurious reception desk really cannot be overlooked and we are delighted that it plays such an essential role in the offices. QProperty manages over 70 properties in more than 50 cities across the country. It’s great to see that a real estate company has chosen MRM Stavební servis to deliver their offices.