Czech Mint – Bratislava branch




The Europeum, Suché mýto 1, Bratislava, Slovensko




230 m2

Czech Mint – Bratislava branch

What was our main task?

We were tasked with coming up with a completely new look for all of the retail stores of Česká mincovna (Czech Mint). This mint is famous not only for producing regularly used coinage as well as commemorative coins, but also for making a wide variety of decorative products made out of precious metals. After the client approved our design, we then began construction works on their future Bratislava branch, according to these blueprints.

How did we deal with it?

Space that sells

The design of the retail space had to be made according to the high standards of the client, especially when it comes to the presentation of their products. Coin minting is a discipline with thousands of years of tradition. That is why designed the interior in a way that reflects such tradition, but also looks modern. The finished design encompassed all of the materials and look of surfaces, that will be repeated throughout all of the branches. For example, we chose ceiling soffits from Hunter Douglas, our own imitation of concrete called MRM monolito or a truly unforgettable pattern of the floorspace. All of this is then combined with furniture designed and built up to spec, that is able to show of the products in the best possible way.

Elements tailored to the needs out the client

A large number of the required pieces of furniture was created directly in our workshop, because they were atypical furniture solutions made in accordance with our client’s wishes. The furniture (especially the glass showcases) had to be quite flexible and allow for a high-quality presentation of products in all of the Česká mincovna branches. We also designed and constructed a very creative logo display. The logo was made out of wood and moss and helps to make the interior more interesting.

Interior construction in the times of coronavirus

The construction itself started in February 2020 and was supposed to finish by the end of March 2020. Sadly, the project was hampered by the restrictions brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent closing of the borders. Because the borders were not reopened even after 2 months of waiting, we decided with the client that the best course of action would be to continue construction remotely. The Slovakian management of the branch was our extended hand in these circumstances and we hired Slovakian workers instead of our own people. The managers and our architect then directed the new workers from the Czech centre. By the end of May, when the borders were finally opened, we went to finalize the construction with our workers and delivered all of the necessary furniture.

From paper to reality

We have had a hand in every aspect of this project, from the design to the very last hit of a hammer. Even the placement of the furniture was suggested by us. The actual construction tested our resolve in the face unexpected hardships. In the end, we learned that we are able to convey our vision over a long a distance and can create a space exactly according to the wishes of our clients.


Even though we had problems caused by the pandemic, we managed to prepare the retail store in time for the celebrations surrounding the minting of the commemorative coin of the Slovakian president. The branch in Bratislava is partially shared by both Česká mincovna and Slovakian mint Kremnica. All of the owners, employees and customers are very much satisfied with the look of the new branch.