Avenir Business Park

Project description

In October 2018, we completed a project at Avenir Business Park in Prague, Nove Butovice. The project involved the reconstruction of 3 lobbies (A, B, and C buildings). Our team took care of the painting of the entire space and the laying of designer screed of the total area of 35 sq. meters, attracting visitor’s attention from behind the brand new reception desk. The lobby space displays installations of  atypical carpenter elements such as decorative moss walls, information panels or wall cladding. When you enter the interior,  round pendant lights or bench lighting  in the form of embedded LED light strips will catch your eye. A part of the assignment was the replacement of the present sitting furniture and the adding of carpets. Now, the lobby has regained its elegance, functionality and timeless design.


October 2018

Avenir Business Park na Nových Butovicích


Avenir Business Park, s.r.o.

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