střední Čechy


RD Tvoršovice


144 m2


What was our team tasked with? 

Design and realization of the interior of a new family house in Central Bohemia, suitable for weekend relaxation.

How did we handle it? 

Weekend house

Our client, a family from Prague, bought a family house intended for weekend living. We took over the house in the phase of a development project, the family was satisfied with the layout of the house, and we were given the task of creating a cozy and distinctive interior, where our client will go to recharge his batteries during weekends and holidays.

Keep the home fire burning

There was no need to make significant structural modifications to the house. In addition to the new color painting, the electrical installation had to be modified according to the client’s new requirements and the interior added with new ceiling lights. The dominant feature of the living room then became the fireplace, which was not part of the original development proposal, and which we had to sensitively integrate into the already prepared environment. We achieved this with a sensitive, yet modern concept, mainly thanks to the simple shapes and the combination with the glass that surrounds the fireplace.

Custom-made furniture

We completed the interior with atypical and custom-made pieces of furniture – a dining table, chairs, bookcase, storage units, beds or, for example, a complete kitchen unit. At the client’s request, we also incorporated some modern elements, such as a newly created floor in a children’s room or a climbing wall.


Thanks to the custom-made furniture, which was precisely matched in color, and the modern tone-on-tone painting, we managed to create an environment that met the expectations of our client and which became a new refuge for weekend escapes from the busy center of Prague to recharge.