teamIT s.r.o.




Antala Staška 38, Prague 4, 140 00


teamIT s.r.o.


260 m2

teamIT s.r.o.

What was our team tasked with?  

To design and build new offices for the recruitment agency teamIT, which decided to move to new premises within the building. 

How did we handle it?  

Relocation as an opportunity

Moving to a new space is always a great opportunity to change how an office looks and what functions it performs. The move was no exception for teamIT, which specialises in providing ICT specialists by outsourcing to the most important brands in the Czech Republic. We created brand new offices for the company in a building that the client knew intimately. The new design is characterized by a modern approach and a well-thought-out colour combination that creates a pleasant working environment.

This is already our second collaboration

An interesting fact is that we also realized the original offices for TeamIT. The client thus used our services again based on good previous experiences. However, with the decision to stay on for another lease period also came a change of floor. In the new offices we modified the wiring and technology, built SDK and glass partitions, built toilets and created a practical office kitchen. We supplied the kitchen assembly for it. Another interesting piece of furniture is a large wardrobe with niche seating.

Without disrupting traffic

Thanks to the good timing of the whole project and meeting the deadlines, there was no disruption to operations and the client moved out of the old offices without any complications. In the new offices, employees are welcomed not only by a fresh design, but also by a green vertical garden that we installed in the entrance area.


The result of our second collaboration is brand new offices that meet the current trends and requirements of the working environment. Many thanks for the trust shown and we are very pleased that the move, even within the same building, was an opportunity to build a representative office space.