Table to the conference room in Livesport office




Aspira Business Centre, Bucharova 2928/14 a, 158 00 Praha 13





Conference table Livesport

What was our team tasked with? 

Equipment of the meeting room at Livesport, a company dealing with statistical processing of sports data in real time.

How did we handle it?

Continuation of successful cooperation

In the middle of 2022, we followed up on two large office fitouts in the premises of the Czech company Livesport. The goal of our third joint project in a row was to equip one of the largest meeting rooms in the Aspira Business Center building with a table that, in its shape and overall design, will reflect the client’s corporate culture and create a space in which important negotiations and meetings will take place.

New conference table

The centerpiece of our implementation was the delivery of a new table, which became the dominant feature of the entire meeting room. It was created as a result of the combination of atypical metalwork and precise carpentry work, thanks to which a timeless place for meetings of up to fifteen guests was created. They can also use various technological gadgets, such as sockets with electrical current connection. Thanks to the thoughtful design by our architects, it was possible to use the client’s existing chairs, which stand next to the unique metal base of the table.

Adjusting the acoustics

Part of the equipment of the meeting room was not only the delivery of a new table, but also the improvement of the existing acoustic conditions. For a better sound perception, we used a new carpet whose shape copies the shape of the table. For an even greater identification with the corporate environment, we have chosen typical colors, where especially the distinctive red reflects one of the main colors of the Livesport company.


Part of the implementation was the design, production and delivery of an atypical meeting table, which immediately became the dominant feature of the large meeting room of our client Livesport. At the same time, we delivered a new carpet to the room, which helped to improve the overall acoustics of the space.