RUBY Project Management


3 months – May-July 2021


APEIRON Office Centre, Sokolovská 192/79, 186 00 Praha 8


RUBY Project Management


1600 m2


What was our team tasked with?

Realization of the renovation of the office premises of RUBY Project Management in the Apeiron Office Center building in Karlín, Prague.

How did we handle it?

Modernization of office space

For our client Ruby Project Management, with whom we have collaborated on several projects in the past, we implemented the reconstruction and modernization of their offices in Prague’s Karlín. We modified the layout of the existing offices and laid new floors. The renovation also included a new look for the reception desk, to which we added a metal shipping container, which became an unconventional and very interesting reception desk in terms of design.

Ergonomics and comfort

We supplemented the original office desks with new, height-adjustable ones. Thanks to this, employees have the opportunity to work standing up and adjust the height of the desk to their own needs. We have also added new ergonomic chairs to the offices, which contribute to the comfort of the employees and help to increase work efficiency.

Relaxation area

The classic office spaces are now complemented by a modern relaxation zone, which also includes a pleasant modern kitchen with a seating area for informal meetings of employees. We have completed this relaxation area with comfortable armchairs and sofas, which, together with atypical joinery elements, such as effective veneered partition walls, create a pleasant background for work.


Reconstruction of offices for a client who moves in the area of reconstruction is always a big challenge. However, thanks to our experience and relationship with the client, we were able to fulfill his ideas 100%, and thus create pleasant spaces for his further business activities.