Reception BCB


05/2022 - 12/2022


BCB Plzeň, Anglické nábřeží 1


Investika, investiční společnost a.s.




What was our team tasked with? 

Realization of the reconstruction of the reception in the Pilsen’s BCB building on Anglické nabřeží for an investment company.

How did we handle it?

Modern building, modern solution

Long-term cooperation with the client Investika, investiční společnost a.s. in the middle of 2022, we expanded with another joint project – a complete reconstruction of the entrance reception at BCB – Business Center Bohemia. This high-rise building has become one of the landmarks of modern Pilsen architecture, not only thanks to its complete glazing, which transports you to the busy streets of New York’s Manhattan.

In the spirit of luxury

The idea of rebuilding the reception for our client was born from the pencil of Ing. architect Šenkýř, who was inspired by the modern and luxurious-looking designs of the world-famous receptions of American skyscrapers, which turned out to be an ideal solution. Now, upon entering our client’s premises, you will feel that you are not at the reception desk in any commercial building.

Brass as the dominant material

The renovation itself included a complete transformation – from sanding the floor, supplying tiles or doors, through complete electrical installation to a new acoustic SDK ceiling, thanks to which the hall was even better soundproofed. The distinctive element of the entire reception is brass. It reflects the demanding corporate culture of the client, and its installation only underlines the overall luxurious impression you get from the first step.


The complete renovation of the reception area in the BCB building brought a touch of luxury to this glass building in Pilsen and added to the warm and friendly atmosphere that permeates the entire building.