06/2022 - 10/2022


Radlická 751/113E, Nové Butovice / Praha 5




585 m2


What was our team tasked with? 

Complete renovation of the offices of the real estate investment and development company Realactiva in Prague’s Nové Butovice.

How did we handle it?

A higher standard

We followed up on our successful work in an office building for the Q-PROPERTY company in mid-2022 by implementing the renovation of office premises for the leading Czech real estate company Realactiva. It was essential for us to come up with such a solution that reflects the corporate culture of the client, whose primary goal is architectural solutions of a higher standard with added value. (Foto: Tomáš Havel –

A luxurious solution requires luxurious materials

The reconstruction proposal was a joint work of the studio ŠENKÝŘ Architekti s.r.o. and the director of Realactiva, Ing. Adam Šachl. Part of the proposal was the modification of office layouts, complete reconstruction of toilets, installation of new lighting or, for example, the laying of new carpets. Thanks to the use of high-quality and luxurious materials, we were able to achieve a representative appearance of the reception and other office spaces. (Foto: Tomáš Havel –

Modern reception as a dominant feature

The quality of the work can be seen right at the entrance to the Realactiva reception. There you will be greeted by a new automatic sliding door that, when opened, slides into a plasterboard casing. The original door to the technology shaft was then hidden using hidden hinges in the SDK front wall so that the entrance was “clean”. A distinctive element of the entire reception is the cladding, which, thanks to the ingenious play of light, creates the impression of golden decoration, which adds a luxurious impression to the entire space. (Foto: Tomáš Havel –


The total renovation of Realactiva’s office premises underlines the corporate culture of this real estate investment and development company. Quality materials and precise processing prove the position of this company on the real estate market.