Czech Mint – branch on Příkope


3 – 4 měsíce


Na Příkopě 860/24, 110 00 Praha – Praha 1


Česká mincovna



Czech Mint Příkopy II (6th branch – newest)

What was our team tasked with?

Design and implementation of the interior reconstruction of the relocated stone branch of the Czech Mint in Na Příkopech Street in Prague 1.

How did we handle it?

Na Příkopech for the second time

We have been cooperating with the Česká mint for a long time, and we have already implemented a branch in Na Příkopech. This time, the original store moved a few meters away, so we faced a new challenge. We were based on several previous designs and realizations that we worked on for the same client, and the resulting interior is very similar to the shop in the original location on the same street.

Tailor-made furniture

For the store’s needs, our architect designed unique pieces of furniture, which were then processed by a joiner with whom we also collaborated on previous realizations for the Czech Mint. The result was precisely crafted pieces of furniture that let the beauty of the offered assortment stand out – silver and gold coins. In addition to the furniture, we also laid new floors and incorporated new slatted ceilings, which significantly helped the acoustics of the entire space.

Aesthetics, functionality, safety

In addition to furniture, floors and suspended ceilings, we dealt with completely new electrical distribution, ventilation and air conditioning in the store. A big challenge for us was the cooperation with the security company, when, based on joint consultations, security partitions, doors, but also a complete camera system were incorporated into the space, which now captures the entire store, including the installed safes.


For the store in Prague’s Na Příkopech street, we used the designed visuals from our previous collaboration with the Czech Mint, and the new store’s style fits exactly into our client’s branch portfolio. We greatly value mutual cooperation and believe in its successful continuation in the future.