Modrá pyramida – reception




Centrála Modrá Pyramida, Bělehradská 128, Praha 2


Modrá pyramida


120 m2

Reconstruction of the reception of the Blue Pyramid headquarters

What was our main task?

To rebuild and modernize the reception space of the central building of Modrá pyramida company. The design of the space came from studio Hezkey. 

How did we deal with it?

Specifically, tailored elements

The reception is a centre of every office building and should be an immediate focus for everyone who enters. It is also necessary to implement the corporate identity into its look. That is why we cannot just take a prefabricated desk and put it into the interior. We have created atypical furniture for our client in the form of reception desk made out of Corian as well as atypical benches and flower pots. The decor of the whole reception is made in company colours, where the main roles are played by shades of white and blue. The imitation of concrete on the walls provides elegance to the space.

Ideal acoustics

At the reception, no one should be made to shout and deal with noise from the upper floors or the surroundings of the building. To ensure the best possible acoustic conditions at the reception. we installed new acoustic soffit made out of punched acoustic boards Rigiton. The tiling in the reception area also has great acoustic abilities and was provided by the Heradesign company.

Everything a reception needs

Reception is not just a desk, but also the whole space designed for smooth operation of the entrance into the office space. We supervised and coordinated both the delivery of the turn styles/card systems as well as their installation. We also made sure that appropriate changes to the electrical wiring and AC are made.

Hasty, but quality work

We had only 5 weeks. to manufacture all of the atypical elements, construct the space and make it available for normal operations. All of our workers and suppliers took up the challenge with vigour. The resulting appearance of the Modrá pyramida reception is a proof, that MRM stavební servis can delivery precise work even on a very short notice-


The client wanted a modern, functional and highly representative space, which immediately encapsulates their corporate identity. The final reception delivers all of that and the client is very much satisfied with it. The reconstruction belongs to many successful projects we have worked on with this client.