Factory office center, Rozkošného, Smíchov, Praha 5




1.720 m2, 6NP + 7NP


What was our team tasked with?

Realization of the reconstruction and furnishing of office space for our client, the company Luxor, in the Smíchov area of Prague.

How did we handle it?

Continuation of successful cooperation

After several successful construction fit-outs of brick-and-mortar bookstores of our client, the Luxor publishing house, we undertook the reconstruction and subsequent furnishing of the main office premises in Smíchov, Prague. Our task was to create a representative and modern space, which is now spread over two floors of the Factory Office Center office building.

Complete installation

Based on the Nejendesign company’s proposal, we decided to open up the whole space more and approach the concept of modern open space offices. In order to adjust the layout according to the client’s wishes, we used the new SDK partitions, which partition the space, but at the same time still manage to keep it sufficiently airy and well-lit. We supported the modern design with new floors and carpets, the ceilings of the offices and corridors were also renovated.

Office equipment

In order to be able to satisfy the needs of the employees of our client Luxor, we proceeded to completely refurbish all individual offices and meeting rooms. They received not only new tables and work and conference chairs, but also screens or extensive storage spaces for much-needed books. We have not forgotten the relaxation zones, which are very popular these days, in which you can now find comfortable armchairs, tables, bar stools or telephone booths. In addition to the offices, 4 terraces have also received new equipment, where employees can sit at dining chairs, armchairs and benches and enjoy views of Prague.


When renovating the office space, we followed simple principles that gave rise to a modern, but still sufficiently representative space. In addition, thanks to the use of relaxation elements, the new offices will serve the employees working here very well.