Pekařská 14, 150 00 Praha 5


KAKA Pekařská




What was our team tasked with?

Realization of the complete reconstruction of the office premises of the food company KAKA in Prague’s Jinonice.

How did we handle it?

Demolition work

In order to meet the client’s expectations, we had to proceed with a complete reconstruction, which included, among other things, demolition work in the original space. Thanks to this, we were able to achieve the required division of offices and meeting rooms, and we also proceeded with the construction of new social facilities. In addition to the mentioned adjustments to the layout of the space, we also participated in the new electrical installation and the preparation of the connection of the machines, which were supplied by the investor.

Modern glass space

We made the office spaces even more airy with new glass walls, which we supplemented with modern SDK partitions. Thanks to this, we were able to optically increase the overall space, and the additional glass walls in the offices and corridors now let in more natural light. We then equipped the meeting room with a new acoustic ceiling, so the new meeting rooms became a representative place for meeting clients not only visually, but also technically.

Delivery of complete equipment

As part of the reconstruction, we were entrusted with the complete supply of equipment for offices, meeting rooms, common areas and social facilities. We then harmonized the entire interior into a pleasant orange-grey combination, which we complemented with light wooden decor. We also fitted all areas with new flooring (tiling, vinyl flooring and carpeting) and provided new lighting.


The reconstruction of the premises of the Prague company KAKA was a big challenge for us, during which we had to connect the wishes of the client, the requirements of the investor and the real possibilities of the space. Thanks to the mastered coordination with all parties, including the architects supplying individual pieces of furniture, we managed to create a representative space for the daily work of employees and for meeting clients.