Aspira Business Centre, Bucharova 2928/14 a, 158 00 Praha 13


IMPORTO Drive s.r.o.


210 m2


What was our team tasked with?

To create a welcoming interior for a major car dealership in the Aspira Business Centre
building, where we act as the general contractor for all building improvements.

How did we do?

In the world of cars

What should a modern car meet? It should be a great combination of usability, design, quality, practicality, comfort and the ability to evoke positive emotions. With the same goal in mind, we set about realising the offices of IMPORTO Drive, a major car dealer. The project itself was developed by the Aspira Business Centre design firm. However, it was up to us to create the colour concept of the interior and to implement everything, including the furniture and accessories. At first glance, one cannot miss the distinctive, enlivening colourful paintwork and the rich hues on the upholstered furniture. These elements also correspond to the automotive character of the client.

No surprises in the construction

The interior of the company is located within an office building that we know very well. In fact, we function here as the general contractor for all building modifications. Thanks to this, nothing surprises us during the actual implementation. In this case, our building modifications include not only the SDK and glass partitions, but also modifications to the technology. Among other things, we thought about acoustics, which is why we installed acoustic wall tiles. This project also included the supply of stand-alone screens for the open space and screens for the desks.

The skill of our joiners

The interior for IMPORTO Drive also boasts several atypical features. Namely, a new kitchen cabinet made directly by our joiners and an atypical storage cabinet. The atypical pieces of furniture are suitably complemented by standard furniture from the manufacturer Narbutas. From this brand you can find desks, chairs, storage containers, cabinets and reception desk in offices. Furniture plays a very important role in the perception of the entire space. To make the working environment more pleasant, we have also supplied decorative planters including plants.


In less than three months we managed to build a very contemporary and practical office in which the car dealer IMPORTO Drive found a new haven. Thanks to the presence of bold colours and atypical furniture, the space is not lacking in character and we are delighted to have given birth to such a representative office in Aspira Business Centre.