Hotel Botanique




Sokolovská 204/11, Hotel Botanique


Hotel Botanique


cca 1875 m2 – 75 pokojů po 25 m2 + chodba cca 420 m2

Revitalization of hotel rooms in the 7th-9th floors

What was our main task?

To completely rebuild the rooms and common areas in the popular hotel Botanique in Prague, based on the design plans from studio Olgoj Chorchoj.

How did we deal with it?

Rooms designed for true rest and calm

A hotel room is a place, where the guests need to be able to gain energy back after the hardships of travelling or a busy working schedule. An obsolete interior that is not cosy can instead of that be a place that will cause claustrophobic and depressing feelings. This is why the client had chosen light colours in the rooms, in combination with natural materials. Altogether the design choices create a welcoming atmosphere. Our task was to install and construct all of the chosen elements in a way that will truly make the finalized rooms a temporary cosy home for the guests.

Completely new and unique furniture

All of the living quarters in the hotel were completely refurbished with new furniture made out of veneer wood. The delivery included large tables and comfortable chairs as well smaller details, for example in the form of wall-mounted wooden hangers. Big changes were also made to the bathrooms, where we had to first demolish the old furbishing and then deliver as well as install new luxury elements. Part of these new bathroom additions was delivered directly from Italy.

Focus on every detail

All of the amenities and furnishings in a hotel room must add to the overall visual impression. This then must of course be combined with practicality, functionality and high standards of the construction (those will also provide longevity). For this reason, we took care not only of the visible parts down to small details like new curtains, but also made sure that for example the electrical wiring is safe and well made. The impression of a hotel room is made up of large number of even the tiniest details, and many of them cannot be readily seen.

Marathon rather than sprint

The revitalization of Hotel Botanique took place over a year. In the first phase of the project, we made smaller changes to the lobby/reception area and created 2 model rooms. Even though the construction was happening during the restrictions due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, it was not a great hindrance to our work (sadly, we cannot say the same about the hotel business as a whole). We were only slightly slowed down once, because of a delayed delivery of the Italian bathroom elements.


Hotel’s management is very much satisfied with our work and we hope that they will soon be joined by a large crowd of guests, that will find respite from the busy modern life in the revitalized rooms.