Corso Karlín, Křižíkova 237, 186 00 Praha 8-Karlín




500 m2


What was our main task?

To rebuild office space for the needs of expanding team of the GoEuro company, today known as Omio.
The design of the offices comes from the studio of Ing. Arch. Jan Ranný. 

How did we deal with it?

Offices, where only an engine is missing

The main product of Omio company is an online tool for finding transport connections (airplanes, rail and buses), which allows you to find your correct way all over the world. Thus, one of the main golas in the reconstruction of offices was implementing the corporate identity into the core of the office. The core itself is laid out in the same way a train would be. Two of the rooms were then furnished in a style of train cars (an actual interior of Czech rail cars was installed). It is a very playful and creative element, which is popular amongst employees and visitors alike.

Elegantly segmented space

The offices needed to be spacious, have enough light, but also provide enough privacy for employees. Besides the construction of drywall partitions, we also installed glass partitions from the company LIKO-S. These partitions visually enlarge the space and acoustically separate the workspaces. From the standpoint of pure aesthetics, the partitions provide the space with elegance and are easy to maintain.

Quick, precise, creative

We only had 2 months to completely delivery the whole project. That is why we had to work in lightning fast fashion. Besides the above-mentioned parts of the project, we also had to demolish the old construction, paint the surfaces as well as install all of the carpeting. The hardest part for us was fitting of the drywall soffit, which hanged from the ceiling. We needed to anchor the soffit in such a way as to not have it fall off. Muh of the time was also taken by the installation of a very atypical element that was the 2 train cars in the middle of the office. Howvere, we managed to do everything on time and without compromising on anything.


The client had high demands in regards to aesthetics of the office, especially when it comes to implementing their corporate identity. They were completely satisfied with the services of MRM stavební servis.