Bucharova 14a, Praha 5 – Aspira Business Centre




1100 m2


What was our team tasked with? 

The complete realization of new office spaces for the Prague branch of the international transport company DHL Global Forwarding.

How did we handle it? 

Complete transformation

We followed up on several successful projects at the Aspira Business Centre and created new offices for our client DHL Global Forwarding. We transformed the original space, which we received in the Shell&Core state, into modern office spaces thanks to partitioning with SDK partitions, glass partitions, new doors, a double floor, or for example, suspended ceilings with high acoustic absorption in an interesting design.

The architect’s word

“Our intention was to create a modern and simple interior that employees can easily identify with. Therefore, we implemented elements that bring together the two main directions of the company’s activities – air and maritime transport,” characterized the basic idea of his design, its author Ing. Matěj Kosík from the Prague company Red Hat.

Precise execution of details

With respect to the client’s wishes, we have created a space with high-quality materials, design elements, and partial details that fits into the overall concept of the company. Improved acoustics, division of space, or the use of LIKO-S glazed partitions, all of this should lead to maximum work comfort for all employees who will use the new offices.


The result of the very fast transformation for the client, for whom speed is one of the basic building blocks of its transport business, are new office spaces that, thanks to precisely processed details, fit into the corporate culture of such a large company as DHL Global Forwarding.