CZ LOKO – interior furnishing




Opletalova 1284/37, Praha 1




200 m2

CZ LOKO – interior furnishing

What did our team have to do?

To furnish the interior of the Czech company CZ LOKO within a few weeks

How did we do?

From the reception area to the CEO’s office

CZ LOKO approached us with a design project created by their architect, and that’s how we started our first collaboration. CZ LOKO entrusted us with the furnishing of the entrance area (reception), the meeting room, two offices and the office of the company’s CEO and Director. The client did not require a redesign of the interior spaces, but insisted on the original interior layout and preserving the character of the apartment building.

The best furniture on the market

The entire project was focused on the supply of furniture. We were happy to take on this task and equipped the interior with office furniture from the office furniture supplier Narbutas. We supplied comfortable meeting chairs from the Czech company LD Seating. In the director’s office and reception we installed real design gems: atypical moss paintings in frames. We made the CEO’s office more comfortable with a durable carpet from IVC.

Acoustic panels as practical decoration

We improved the acoustics of two rooms and installed upholstered acoustic panels from office furniture manufacturer Narbutas on the wall. We chose the colour shades of the panels with the overall design concept in mind. We created an original composition of the panels and combined three colour shades. The panels thus create an unusual decoration and at the same time fulfil a practical function.

Imaginative and original moss paintings

In its business activities, CZ LOKO has continued the more than 170-year tradition of manufacturing rolling stock, which we have reflected in the style of the decoration. The company preferred modern moss paintings with miniature models of locomotives that refer to the corporate culture and the core business of CZ LOKO.


We are proud to have furnished, in three weeks, a purely Czech company which, over time, has used the latest technology to do business and become a leading European manufacturer of diesel-electric locomotives.