Aspira Business Centre – restaurant facilities




Aspira Business Centre, Bucharova 14a, Praha




590 m2

Aspira Gastro

What was our main task?

To construct a food service space for a large office building. The project was given to us as a shell and core.
The design of the interior comes from a designer studio Studio acht. 

How did we deal with it?

Acoustics as a priority

The Aspira building has very high standards when it comes to providing privacy and space for work. One of the best ways to assure such standards in the food service space is the implementation of various acoustic elements. This is why we have installed acoustic soffits, which eliminate a lot of incoming noise from the rest of the building and its surroundings.

Floor it

Food service in an office building demands a high standard of safety and durability of the materials used for construction. That is why we build a double floor in this space, made from calcium sulphate boards. Double floor enables us to simply hide all of the wiring, whilst making it fully accessible when necessary. We also implemented a poured concrete floor and all of the surface modulations in the form of paving, tiles and painted surfaces. The interior was segmented using drywall partitions.

Providing the correct conditions

For a smooth operation of food services, the space needs a lot of specialized technology. It was our responsibility to make sure that all of the appliances were installed correctly and in accordance to the high standards of hygiene/safety.

Sustainable and healthy solution

The goal of our client was to create sustainable, eco-friendly space, which will also provide the best possible conditions for all of the inhabitants. That is why the whole project was in accordance with the standards for certifications of sustainable buildings of level LEED Gold and BREEAM Excellent. What does that mean?

LEED and BREEAM certificates

Certification standards for so called green buildings, which aim to lower the carbon footpring, save energy and provide healthy air in the certified interiors. 


The project was a great challenge for us. We had to coordinate all of our works with the finishing of the whole building. The client was so satisfied with the results, that they entrusted us with other construction projects in the building.