Arcona Capital – reconstruction of the original interior




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Arcona Capital


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Arcona Capital – reconstruction of the original interior

What was our team tasked with?

To refurbish Arcona Capital’s premises in a historic building and preserve the period character of the interior to meet contemporary requirements.

How did we do?

A welcoming corporate environmen

The design of the project was developed by our company and we took care of the final look of the interior. A pleasant and welcoming working environment is half the reason for the success of any company. In Arcona Capital’s building, we made the necessary structural modifications and installed new electrical wiring and light fixtures. We decorated the interior with new parquet floors and carpets and replicas of historic doors. We also thought about the company’s facilities and built a kitchen and sanitary facilities.

Design furniture

Stylish furniture adds to the corporate atmosphere of the business. Thanks to our experience, we know what furniture is interesting, practical and of high quality. For the Arcona Capital building we supplied a new atypical kitchen by our cabinetmakers and an atypical storage cabinet. We furnished the premises with standard furniture from the manufacturer Narbutas and work and conference chairs from the Czech seating furniture manufacturer LD Seating. At the same time, we contributed to improving the acoustics in the space by installing curtains.

Decorative elements

Our company focused on decorative elements in the project. Arcona Capital has a distinctive corporate culture. It was essential for us to create interesting decorative elements and colour schemes. We enlivened the interior with a bold colourful painting and combined new furnishings with period furniture from the 1930s. On the other hand, we did not have to resort to any technical solutions. We have preserved the original space and thus the face of the historic building.

The period atmosphere

The interior breathes a period atmosphere and provides a welcoming working environment. The interior of the company is located in a historic building with less accessible space, but through careful planning we did not encounter any major obstacles. This is our first collaboration with Arcona Capital and we believe it will not be our last. The project for Arcona Capital was another challenge for us, which we managed to the client’s satisfaction.


The project was implemented in 2 phases. We gave the original interior a new look over the course of a year, respecting the client’s wishes and the historic character of the building.