AK Řezníček


2018 - léto


České Budějovice


AK Řezníček


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AK Řezníček

In summer, we spent some time on a project in the downtown of Ceske Budejovice (Budweiss). We reconstructed a historical building to prepare premises for a law firm. Designed by an architect, the existing configuration was accommodated to the needs of the client. Our role started with the demolition of an old section and the building of a new one. The work included the replacement of doors, heating units as well as the building of new drop ceilings. To separate the rooms, we used Verti glass partitions. We laid carpet in the room and in some sections adored the floor with decor screeds. Screeds in the interior can be found not only on the floor but also on the walls (corten products imitating rusty metal sheet).  We also erected a small stage and decorated the waiting zone outside the reception by a moss wall. We delivered off-the-shelf furniture, namely into the offices, the meeting room and the waiting zone. The furniture is a combination of products made by a Lithuania-based brand, Narbutas, and sitting furniture produced by Czech brands such as LD seating and Ton.